Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hey - who turned the lights out?

I assumed any attempt to persuade the ladz to participate in Earth Hour would be met with howls of protest and would be doomed to failure.

Oh me of little faith ...

True, First Born did check to see if he'd miss anything good on tv.
Fortunately (and entirely predictably) there was nothing but crap on.

At 7.55, crafty G put the kettle on and made a cup of tea.
Then we unplugged our electrical appliances, lit an array of candles and switched off all the lights.

We started by playing a game suggested by techno-boy himself, FB.
You tell a story by taking turns, contributing just 3 words each.
It was astonishing just how quickly every storyline dived into the depths of filth and obscenity ... (*sigh*)

Then 2 of us took turns to tell the story, while a 3rd flitted among the flickering shadows acting it out and the 4th provided sound effects.

After that, it was a few rounds of Who Am I? (mostly sports people I've never heard of) and the hour was up before we knew it.

Oh - and most importantly, we talked about why we were doing it, Little Guy expressing his disappointment at the number of lights he could see burning in the neighbouring houses.


Anonymous said...

From small acorn,s big oak trees are,nt it great to talk to people,instead of looking at the one-eyed religion in the the corner ie; the tv, There ia a sort of comradeship living on the Streets,by this i mean,talking to each other,as the common words would be "we are all in the same boat" this does hold up to a certain extent..trying to survive on next to nothing,but it does OPEN your eyes,to how much waste is made each day,that could be recycled...
I have in the past,made a good BASH
from the articles people have thrown out,a bed,blankets,wood,plastic sheeting,
:a BASH being a homemade shelter
I agree with Guy,i also very disappointed,at all the lights on in the west end,were i was walking last nite
..regards homelesschicken

Debi said...

Our circumstances may be very different, HC, but our hearts are in the same place!