Thursday, March 27, 2008

Running (no) commentary

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven't done any updates re G's marathon training.

The truth is, I'm afraid all is not well.

G's been struggling for some weeks with a foot/ankle injury.
He's seen an osteopath, been doing ice treatments several times a day, massaging with glucosamine ointment, tailoring his regime so that he maintains overall fitness through mega gym sessions while not putting undue stress on his ankle ...

In these last few weeks, he should have been winding down his running.
Instead he's been unable to run at all.

On Tuesday, he ran on the gym belt for the first time for ages ...
... And his ankle became instantly painful and swollen.

He hasn't quite given up hope that he'll be able to compete.
The problem is that if he pulls out now, he would still get a guaranteed place next year, whereas if he took part but failed to finish (or ran a very slow time) that wouldn't be the case.

But the real problem is this: many people have already been kind enough to sponsor him.
My hope is that they will all realise they have donated to a really good cause whether G runs or not.
In fact my real real hope is that people will continue to sponsor him, even though there's a strong possibility he won't compete.

Tell me I'm not wrong to have this faith in human nature by going here and donating to SOS Africa.
Don't forget - 'It is our guarantee that every penny you raise or donate will go straight towards paying for the education and care of the children who need it most." (Matt Crowcombe, UK President, SOS Africa)

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