Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One for the techies

If such things matter to you, check this out re blogging ranking.

Also according to this lot, wireless thingy wotsits are crapola:

The WEP security protocol that encrypts data carried over WiFi networks, used widely by businesses and consumers, can be cracked in seconds with nothing more powerful than a standard laptop PC, according to
security researchers from Darmstadt University of Technology in Germany. The researchers claim that they have discovered flaws in the WEP algorithm which would enable a hacker to identify the security key required to gain unhindered access to the wireless network in very little time, less than a minute to capture the required data and then just a few seconds to extract the key from that data.

The WEP protocol has never really been considered particularly robust, and this discovery renders it practically useless as a serious security tool. Organisations using wireless networks to carry any sort of sensitive information are advised to use the more advanced WPA protocol which is available on more modern wireless equipment, or to consider third party security products to strengthen their networks.

It probably goes without saying that my eyes glazed well before I got to the end of the first line, but in my infinite generosity I thought some of the less technically-challenged among you might appreciate the info ... (whatever it means - and that's NOT a plea for someone to explain it to me!)


Unknown said...

Seems to me that this wifi problem wasn't that big a problem till they blabbed it to the whole world!

Saaleha said...

Climbing a mountain with glazed eyes is downright dangerous. Bad Debi!