Thursday, April 12, 2007

On blogging ...

Some good debates taking place on blogs re blogs.
(We do so love 'em, don't we?
Personally I can never get enough navel-gazing.
Only the other day I found a piece of virtual fluff from the last millenium.)

Anyway - Norman Geras talks here about political blogging.

And Atyllah talks here about whether we need a civility code to prevent blog abuse.

And how did I miss that March 30 was supposed to be Stop Cyberbullying Day?

Bah! See what happens if you look away from the screen long enough to do pointless things like eat, sleep or speak more than 2 words to your loved ones? (The 2nd word usually being 'off'.)

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Unknown said...

Blogosphere is a veritable hive of debate and activity these days, it seems. Everyone so busy gazing at their own navels - I do so hope none of us drown in belly fluff! You will take care, won't you, Debi?