Monday, July 14, 2008

Blogging from the cradle to the grave

I've blogged before about the sadness of losing someone we have to come to know via the blogosphere.

Zinnia Cyclamen has written an insightful and important post about how we need to take into account the very real connections we make in this virtual reality and how we need to think about how to deal with our feelings when a blogger dies.

She links for example to Michael Thaler who started blogging in order to record his last months of life following his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Yes. All life is here.

And so it's only fitting that we should also share in the joyous beginnings.

Followers of the blog by Clare Sudbery, prolific author and founder of the forum that led to Bookarazzi, will be aware of the ups and downs she has gone through over this last year or so, when she and her partner were trying for a 2nd baby.

We shared her devastation when she miscarried, with resonances for many of us who recalled similar experiences.
Then we went through the excitement and anxiety when she fell pregnant again, but suffered horribly with hyperemesis.
The baby was due on 7th July and we all held our collective breath.

She carried on blogging all through the long drawn-out labour.
And then yesterday ...


And mega congrats to Clare, Ally and Felix.
Thanks for allowing us all to share the road.


Unknown said...

No, I didn't think I would get close to people let alone make lasting friendships when I started blogging. It all seemed too anonymous - how wrong I was!

pierre l said...

I have been reading Clare for quite a long time, was tearful at the miscarriage, and am very pleased at the birth. Thank you for summarising it all so well Debi.

Unknown said...

Yep, thanks Debi, left a congrat comment over there. Isn't that just... brilliant!

And, fab news about John's book too. Good for you, you talent spotter you!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Just caught up with this... thanks for the compliment!