Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Commitments

Right now, let's see ...

First we have the human ones: G, the boys, dad, extended family, friends ...

The there are the practical ones:
  • my WIP
  • editing
  • blogging
  • Bookarazzi and the forum
  • EDWG (admin and co-ordination)
  • Parents' forum at FB's school (secretary)
  • Reading Connects Parents' Steering Group at same school
  • Volunteer reading mentor at same (starts next term)
  • job-sharing role of barmitzvah class teacher at our synagogue. (Complicated - I have no qualifications, experience or training, so I'm going to have to learn as I go along in order to stay one step ahead of the class ...)
The problem is that when I'm in the grip of my WIP (which sounds like something he'd be interested in - but isn't) all I want to do is write... write ... write ...


Anonymous said...

You'd better get busy with the WIP.
You wouldn't want to be punished, would you?

Debi said...