Thursday, January 31, 2008

But juggling

No, that's not something you might expect to find in an erotic circus.
Nor is it an activity you might find behind the bike sheds in the playground.

It's a day in the life of a sandwich carer.

This is how it goes.

FB is off school sick
But I haven't managed to see my dad yet this week.
But FB is poorly and I don't want to leave him alone.
But dad's pills need replenishing.
But FB will feel abandoned.
But dad has bills that need paying.
But I'm FB's mum. He only has one mum.
But I'm dad's daughter. He only has one daughter.

And she's going to feel bad whatever she does!


Unknown said...

It's a guilt edged sandwich, Debi.

Jan said...

I've been there, Debi and I appreciate how tough it is but just take each day and each decision as it comes.
The fact that you care so much (and are so aware of being fair/good to everone) surely shows thatyou're already doing your very best..
And always make some time for your good self.
YOu deserve/need it.