Saturday, April 07, 2007

You too can be a travel writer

Dorling Kindersley has a cunning plan to turn just about anyone into a published travel writer.

If you go here, you can select from thousands of destinations, browse around, add your own images and craft your unique Eyewitness Travel Guide which can then be downloaded or posted to you.

But surely that must cost a fortune ...?

No - it only costs £2.50 per guide or £10 a year for unlimited access.

Cool, huh?


Unknown said...

Oooh, this looks cool! I will check it out in more detail... ugh I guess soon seeing as I'm off on Thursday.

Debi said...

Off where, V? Are you in London???

Unknown said...

Eh no, I'm going to Turkey to sit on a beach with my new red notebook for a week. At least I hope I can sit on the beach. I may tootle off up a mountain if it's still spurting flames and perhaps drag my friend off to Cappadocia so that I can relive the moment where I had a serious case of veritgo and refused to jump off a ledge which resulted in three big scratches on my bum. I have photographic evidence. Do you think DK would appreciate that?

Debi said...

V - don't know whether DK would be interested but I bet lots of bloggers would be. Have fun and take care.