Friday, April 27, 2007

A paucity of posts

I've been blogger-lite this week, as you've probably noticed.

So much life to live, so few days in the week to live it in ...

Here are some of the things conspiring to keep me from you all.

  • I'm still post-marathon pooped. (Yes, I know I didn't run the damn thing, but it feels like it.)
  • Little Guy's school swimming gala. (They came 2nd in the borough.)
  • Dad. (Still thriving at 92.)
  • Little Guy's assembly. (In French!)
  • First Born and I taking part in a major research project. (Hence this question.)
  • Agreed to produce regular parents' newsletter for FB's school.
  • Something exciting (watch this space) coming out of a certain forum.
So it's all good stuff. Just there's a lot of it.
Which means less time for communicating with you all.

I'll try to find time to visit all your blogs ASAP.
Meanwhile, have a hug from me.

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Anonymous said...

At least it was interesting or rewarding this taking your time Ms. Alper. I have been

1. Pre-occupied with attempting pay some bills which seems almost impossible these days.

2. Trying to find some clean socks - do you know where there are any?

3. Finding a parking space

4. Cooking

I did watch Waterloo Road last night - did you see it?

Unknown said...

I have been

1. Taking drugs by the handful
2. Attempting to pay the gas bill over the phone (5 times)
3. Watching Judge Judy (so awful it's good), Scrubs, Cleopatra and some dreadfully hysterical house makeover thing.
4. Ringing work
5. Avoiding socks (I may have some of yours Mut, who knows what lurks)

Debi said...

I think I can help here.

1. Never pay bills - and never answer the door
2. Never change socks thus removing need to find clean ones
3. Don't drive
4. Don't eat
5. Keep taking the drugs