Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another kick in the teeth

Since the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent Brazilian shot on 22 July 2005 at Stockwell Station by police who mistook him for a terrorist, there has been a public shrine outside the tube.

The shrine is maintained by local people, friends and supporters.
You can even send letters to it.

At one point there was also a mural close by but it was painted over by a Lambeth Council anti-graffiti team.

Now the local paper has just carried a report that Transport for London want the shrine to be taken down and replaced with an official plaque.

The family have had little from officialdom apart from cover ups and attempted character assassinations.

The only support they have had has been from the public.

Now it seems they're not even going to be allowed the visual symbol of that public support.


Ischelle said...

i almost cried when i visited your site. I love that you posted about him. My mother allowed me to send a letter and I did.

If I was still there I dont know how I would handle that.

Debi said...

Ischelle - how lovely to see you here. Welcome. You know I visit your blog and you are often in my thoughts.

Unknown said...

It has been so appallingly managed at every junction and now it seems the authorities will add yet more insult to injury.