Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Behold - a blog is born

I'd like you all to join me in welcoming Meloney Lemon to the blogosphere. After a difficult incubation period, Meloney has just given birth to a beautiful bouncing baby blog.

You may have come across Meloney before on my blog - here, here and here. She's a writer, poet, artist, loyal friend and parent with a keen wit and a frequently surreal take on life.

You remember those early days when your blog first blinked its way into the radiance of Blogworld, don't you? The tears ... the tantrums ... the sleepless nights ...

Then, as the months roll past and your blog takes on a life of its own, you get - the tears ... the tantrums ... the sleepless nights ... But at least now you have someone - lots of someones - to share them with.

Then there's the laughs, the stimulation, the debates, the warmth, the support and the feeling of belonging to a community that you have helped forge ...

So I hope you'll all open up your hearts, minds and templates to Meloney. Welcome aboard, babe!

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