Friday, January 12, 2007

No More Blood on my Blog!

It can't have escaped your notice that my blog has recently become drenched in blood, sweat and tears.

The following is directed to everyone who is reading and thinking of commenting:

ENOUGH! Please stop using my blog as a battlefield to attack me or each other.

Time and time again over these last few weeks I've ignored attacks from different quarters on the grounds that they distracted from the real issue of protecting vulnerable children.

I've taken responsibility where appropriate and I think I've been really patient.


People are free to disagree with me and each other by all means. I have strong opinions and sometimes post on controversial subjects. I welcome proper debate on those issues.

But if you're thinking of leaving a comment on my blog, please ensure it is phrased with respect and care. This is my space and though I have never censored or deleted other people's comments I have the right to make this request.

To those who would never dream of abusing my space in this way and who have always been supportive and caring - thank you. Please don't feel intimidated.


Anonymous said...

seconded - unashamedly supportive

Unknown said...

thirded. Enough already.

Unknown said...

Im here.

Anonymous said...

Point taken. Sorry.

Debi said...


Just wanted to clarify one thing - I have never deleted posts or comments on my blog. I believe to do so would distort the picture and be an abuse of power.

You will notice that several comments on the last few posts have been deleted by the comment author.

I should point out that once a comment is published, it is automatically emailed to me and stored, even if it is later deleted.

Some of those deleted comments were vicious, hate-filled and entirely inappropriate.

I say again - knowing I'm not alone in this sentiment - ENOUGH!

S. Kearney said...

No more blood, let's crack open a bottle of red wine instead!
There's also my Christmas tea, which everyone is raving about.

Debi said...

Ah Shameless - I only drink herb tea (or very strong coffee), don't celebrate Xmas - and red wine gives me a headache ...

However if I'd still be welcome given those restrictions I'd love to come!

Will there be karaoke?

Shameless Words said...

Gosh, I suppose it'll have to be karaoke then ... um ... I'll let you know where and when .... um ... anyway ... about the ... um ... weather ... :)

I'll find a nice herb tea and some make-believe wine will come from Minx, from among all her potions!

Unknown said...

I'm here with you too, Debi. Good for you for putting your foot down. This is your space and it deserves respect. 'nuf zed!

Anonymous said...

To compare a blog argument with blood being shed demeans real suffering.'s not Debi who needs's Susan. The rest of you, its not Debi who requires support, it's Susan who feels extremely let down by the wall of silence that went up when the personal attacks BEGAN. Some of you she thought were at least supportive bloggers if not friends.

As for: "I should point out that once a comment is published, it is automatically emailed to me and stored, even if it is later deleted." I'm not sure if this is meant to be an implied threat or not, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and take it to be ill thought through words. I pulled my comments because I accepted I had allowed JTA to make me become less than objective, not because I was trying to hide them.

So carry on celebrate, have your Karaokes, turn it into a joke...but there is someone out there really truly hurting (and no matter whether you agree with her views, the way she writes or expresses herself or not...she didn't deserve the hateful personal comments made). I'm proud I had the integrity to stand up to that and not look the other way.

Anonymous said...

Lehane, Susan, this is getting us nowhere. I'm sorry that I can't retract the substance of what I said, but if my manner of speaking was too wounding, too close to the bone, then I am sorry for that. I was trying to check what I saw as some nasty, condescending, insulting passive-aggression, and I probably lost my objectivity as well. We don't have to be friends. You don't have to like me. But can we at least agree to put this thing behind us? If all it takes is an apology from me, then you have it: I apologise. Now, can we give it a rest?

Unknown said...

I've clearly missed a large part of what has been going on. I know there has been a heated debate between Debi and Lehane - I wasn't aware that so many others were involved.

I would just like to say this: electronic communication is notorious for giving rise to miscommunication and misunderstanding. It is most certainly not the best means of thrashing something out.

But here's the thing. Too many people have been hurt and offended and too many others have been affected by the ripple effect.
It's time everyone took a step back and let this thing go. It's enough.

It distresses me so to see bloggers who I've come to enjoy and respect, slagging each other off - and it is so unnecessary. Life's too short. And friendship is a precious thing.

Back to the Hen House now to keep my own counsel.

With light and love to you all.

Anonymous said...

JTA...I truly hope Susan sees the apology - I appreciate and respect the fact you've now made it to her. However, that's not what truly hurts her or, in essence, what really annoyed me. And I'm afraid whatever YOU or I say, it's not going to come from either of us.

My own regret for losing objectivity here is already documented. But to be honest I don't care what anyone thinks of me. Whether I'm a Nazi, speaking out my backside or a red arsed alpha male - all things either you or others have levelled at me - I know I have merely stuck up for someone where I saw an injustice that was not being addressed. If others want to attack me or point fingers at me for that...that's more for their own conscience.

There's a lot more people here who should actually feel more ashamed than either you or I. But at least the pair of us are prepared to stand up and admit that in public.

Confucious Trevaskis said...

I can't believe it, a week away, and it's still all going on. I refuse to go back and catch up agaim - it's all too negative.

Agree entirely Debi, blogging used to be fun...............

Debi said...

Confy - as far as I'm concerned it IS over.

Debi said...

Meaning the arguments - not the blogging!

Caroline said...

Hi Debi.
I've been trying to catch up on what's been happening and then I stopped. I'm almost too worried to express any words on the topic.
So instead I want to say that I miss your blog. This is not to take from the value of all that has been expressed recently, but I miss you writing on your blog.
I look forward to the 'no more blood.'
Take care,


Let's arm the two sides with chain saws and have it filmed on Sky Sports! Only joking..

I think this is an example of Blog Rage, people lose their decorum and inhibitions because they feel protected or they just abuse the anomynity of the situation - they can be rude, say what they want, but then it all gets out of hand, and becomes personal, people go off on tangents and it all becomes gladitorial, and that can be disturbing because everyone has a responsibility for what they say to are right Debi, let it go, or return to the issue and try and offer some positive solutions..