Monday, October 09, 2006

Me ...Me ... on music

That Sharon. What is she like? She's only gone and tagged me even though she knows my infinite capacity for displacement activity ...

And as if that's not bad enough, Gentleman Oracle has gone and followed suit.

I bow to the pressure - here goes:

Bob Dylan - Forever Young.
I listen to it and think of my children and wish my words to them were as beautiful.
I listen to it and think of myself and hope I never grow up.
I listen to it and think of my dad - who never has.

Bob Marley - almost anything by the prophet, but if pushed I'd go for Redemption Song.
The last song on the last album. No big production. No rousing chorus. Just Bob - his voice, his wisdom and an accoustic guitar. His last message to the world.

Patti Smith - Because the Night Belongs to ...
She's my icon. I saw her live last year (thanks to Meloney Lemon who once commented on this blog) and was blown away. We used to sing this in the 70s on Reclaim the Night marches, substituting 'women' for 'lovers'.

Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town.
Haunting lyrics from the man who never forgot his roots. And as for Clarence Clemens soaring sax ...

Third World - 96 degrees in the shade.
Sunny day music with a message. And cos I was blowed over by their exuberance when I saw them perform at Sunsplash a thousand years ago.

Dennis Brown - Judge Not.
Wise words indeed.

Lou Reed et al - Perfect Day.
Always moves me.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot.
A more-than-close friend had a near-death experience recently following a heart attack. But she wasn't accompanied on her journey from this world by her deceased loved ones.
'I was in the tunnel!' she told me. 'With - the Kaiser Chiefs!'
She reckons the reason's prosaic - that they were the last thing she heard on the radio.
I like to think there's an alternative explanation. That she had a glimpse of the Other Side. No harps, no wings ... It's gonna be a riot!

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Desecration Smile.
Because it will always remind me of this summer.

Sister Sledge - We are Family.
Because we are! I'll dedicate this one to my blog family.

Now who do I zap?
Minx cos I know she's done something like this before so she can just do a cut and paste job.
Skint (who also hates these things - sorry!) cos I'd be interested to know.
And Island Monkey cos he's been toooo quiet. (Bet he doesn't do it!)


Anonymous said...

Oh Bloody 'ell Debi, I'm notorious in my family for my lack of enthusiasm for music , but I'll 'ave a go

Marie said...

Some good choices there, Debi.

Unknown said...

Some good stuff in there, Debi :-)

Anonymous said...

Blown away? At the moment by Mark E Smith who has been commenting on most aspects of life from his uniquely polyester perspective that is the most original(without being barking)combination of noise and insight I might have ever heard...for now anyway.
love Meloney Lemon

Anonymous said...

Because the night.... YES! Excellent!

I'll join you in the not growing up thing. That word - MATURE - it makes me think of cheese. It gets good and from there on in it just starts getting mouldy.

Caroline said...

I think that we should do a bogger's music compilation! To listen to as we blog.
Think it'll catch on?

Debi said...

Glad you can relate to my choices.

Melony - yahoo! You made it ... Now you're back please don't ever go away again ...

Sharon - and cheese makes me think of FB's feet ...

Caroline - 'boggers' - is that a typo? Or do you have internet access in your toilet? (For want of a letter the meaning was lost ...)

Anonymous said...

Still a good idea though.....

Caroline said...

Boggers it is!
Music to listen to in the toilet ... of course I meant that all along :)

And no! internet access in the toilet ... that's not a nice idea!

Anonymous said...

Bugger, only just seen that you tagged me!

The Divine Mr. M said...

Excellent choices.

I love these posts it makes you look up what you didn't know and remember stuff you'd forgotten.