Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Me ... Me ... on Feminism

Can you believe it? They've done it again! This time it's Sharon and Marie who simultaneously zapped me. Don't they know I have a book to write???

Many of you have already done this and done it so well, I thought I'd subvert it just a little (though not in the way that Minx did).

So here's 5 things I was told while growing up - post-suffragette and pre-feminism:

Never win
'I beat him at tennis and he went into such a strop!'
'You beat him? Don't you know you should always let him win?'
'What? But I was better than him!'
'Of course. And you know that. But you must never let him know ...'

Be content with the scraps
'Always eat the leftovers yourself and cook something fresh for everyone else.'

Keeping your man
'So many women make the mistake of letting themselves go after they're married. Don't they realise that getting your man is only half the battle? You must never stop making an effort with your appearance if you want to keep him.'

A goddess in the kitchen, a whore in the bedroom
'A woman can be anything: wage earner, home maker, DIY enthusiast, driver, leader, follower, cook, nurse, cleaner, therapist ...'
'Yes I can. But I can also choose to be some or none of the above ...'

Safeguard his image
'A man pushing a pram or carrying shopping just looks wrong.'

And a vital 6th one:
Iron everything.
'Iron nothing!'

Now, who to tag? Let's go for Dirty Christian Socialist Cow, Fiction Bitch and Meloney Lemon (who doesn't have a blog but can reply in comments.)


Debi said...

Lingerie to match my make up? Do I have to do that??

Marie said...

I quite like seeing a man push a pram!

Unknown said...

What? No pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen for you then? Well I do hope that you at least make sure his ties and socks match when you send him out to work.
Come to Novapulse, dear, I think you'd like the gender equality there.

The Divine Mr. M said...

I agree with Minx on men pushing prams. It does seem to me the women do have it much harder than men. But i find that the minds of my female friends are so much more complex so they find it easier to do everything. Men on the other hand,i don't cpunt myself when it comes to this, Can only do one thing at a time and usually never when it needs to be done. Sorry that was a gripe about bf.

As for the leftovers. This sounds totally silly but i heard an interview with Terri Hatcher in which she talked about never having a nice piece of toast. She would alwys take the burnt piece or the cold piece and give the perfect piece to her chold or family. I found this sad. I think you should make the family cook you a lovely dinner and it eat it all yourself alone with a glass of wine and your favourit music while they serve you and wait on hand and foot. At least once a month.

I feel a bit silly about this post now, i am after all not a woman but i identify better.

Shut up GO

Anonymous said...

I used to like pushing the pram - it was the carrying, after they'd started walking that I didn't like.
Don't mind eating the scraps either and I can't rememver beating the minx at much.........draw the line at being a whore though!

Nice take Debi

Debi said...

Ta all! I learned my lessons by REJECTING all that shite.

So I make sure I do get pampered now. Having a male partner, a father but no mother (any more), a brother and no sisters, sons and no daughters, I realise this is my challenge in life: to ensure I get my share of the good stuff and they do their share of all the other stuff ...

Still reckon I'd like Novapulse though. The backlash against feminism depresses me ...