Thursday, December 07, 2006

The treats just keep getting better!

The Coven/blogmoot event planned for this Saturday is going from strength to strength!

I'm delighted to announce Mark Crick has confirmed he hopes to attend. Mark is the author of the quirky and very clever Kafka's Soup - 14 recipes written in the style of famous writers as diverse as Irving Welsh, Homer and Jane Austen. Published exactly a year ago, Kafka's Soup is now available in 22 countries and is top of the bestseller list in Croatia!

Which means that at this point the guest authors are as follows:
There may be more in the pipeline, so keep watching this space.

On the blogmoot side, we have Minx coming from Cornwall, Skint from Cardiff, Sharon from Crewe and Cailleach from Ireland - which I suppose makes it an International Literary Blogmoot ...

There's another blog event scheduled to take place in London on the same day. Britblog is hosting a blogmeet in Covent Garden from 2.30pm. As our event starts at 6.30, there should be ample time to attend both. A veritable feast of Real Life blogging! (And Minx (the minx!) had invited Rachel Cooke and Jasper Gerard. Maybe we should all wear 'I'm a blogging moron' badges ...)

Crystal Palace is easily accessible from central London. Click here for a map. The mainline station is a few minutes walk from the Crow. There are lots of bus routes and it should also be ok to park at Sainsbury's just up the road.

So tell me, what possible excuse can you find not to be there?

(Many thanks to the following people who have posted the event on their own blogs:
Sharon, Marie, Crimeficreader, Kate, Pundy, Confucious Trevaskis, John Baker, Cailleach, Pundy, Shameless, Susan Abraham, Equiano.
If anyone else has linked and I've missed it, please let me know so I can thank you properly.)

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My toes are going all curly with anticipation!