Sunday, December 03, 2006

More on those literary treats

The Coven launch and Blogmoot event is really hotting up! 6 days to go ...

In case you need reminding, A Coven of One is Minx's magical novel, published by Opening Chapter, Skint's publishing company.

With all the storms raging in the blogosphere of late, the blogmoot will be a timely opportunity for us to discuss the issues face-to-face.

And the Crow on the Hill is the ideal venue for an evening for anyone who's passionate about books. (The Crow blogs here.)

I've sent emails to well over 100 people, sent local and national press releases and alerted writers' groups and reading groups. I've contacted local authors and their agents. I've printed and distributed posters and dozens of leaflets to libraries, cafes and shops.

I'm still waiting to hear from many of the local authors, but I'm delighted to confirm that Victoria Blake has said she'll be there. Victoria is one of Orion's New Blood authors. Her 3rd book, Skin and Blister, has just been published.

I'll let you know about any other guest appearances as soon as I hear.

Oh - and of course, you'll be there. You will, won't you ...?

(Many thanks to Sharon, Marie, Crimeficreader, Kate, Pundy, Confucious Trevaskis, John Baker and Cailleach for posting the event on their own blogs. If anyone else has linked and I've missed it, please let me know so I can thank you properly.)


Unknown said...

Bugger there's another one I've missed. Could I give you the details of my forthcoming holidays so that you can do one of these things when I can come. This time I'm arriving eleven days too late ):
Still have a great time (without me(sob sniffle)). No, seriously tell me what it was like, I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

Confucious Trevaskis said...

This wouldn't be vanity advertising would it.............?

Anonymous said...

[jumping up and down wildly]... I'm coming. I am. I'm coming!!! (no... not that kind!)

You've done such a marvellous job on this, Debi. This really is a prime example of how brilliant the blogosphere is and how sound the friendships forged are.

Debi said...

You're so right, Sharon. (Not about the me/marvellous bit.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If the blogosphere gave us nothing else, it would be a gift!

This kind of event and what it symbolises is the ultimate answer to the critics.

Unknown said...

Dead right Debi! Only for the blogosphere, I'd be sitting at home this weekend doing all the usual weekend stuff like washing all six uniforms for school and beating a big bird into the oven for Sunday dinner.

Instead, I'm popping over to London to be at the next launch of Coven of One - woohoo!

Debi said...

Cailleach - this news is so cool it's positively arctic! Prepare for a real South London welcome ...