Thursday, April 24, 2008

No fears for the future of film

Remember I told you about the film First Born and his friends made with Cineclub?

Well, they've done it again.

Yesterday, together with films by 10 other school Cineclubs, their latest production was screened at the National Film Theatre on the South Bank.

Their first film, Retribution at School, was a dark depiction of bullying, violence and death.

This time they decided to go more upbeat with a 'mockumentary' of the making of their previous film.
The Making of Retribution is the result.
(If you haven't already done so, I suggest watching the original film first.)

Having edited over 2 hrs of footage into a 5 min film, I think they've come up with a production Ricky Gervais would wholeheartedly approve of.

The overall standard of all 11 films was very high indeed.
The graduates, all aged between 11 & 15, are now qualified to teach film-making skills to others.

The future of the British film industry is bright!


Maxine Clarke said...

You should have seen Cathy and her friends' film of the poem Queen Kong by Carol Ann Duffy. It was hilarious. Unfortunately, she would not put it anywhere where the public could see it!

You must be very proud of your young film maker, well done to him.

Debi said...

Thanks, Maxine. What a shame Cathy's film is not on YouTube. It's good to share!

Sue Guiney said...

Wow. Fantastic! What a thrill it must have been to have it be shown like that!

Sue Guiney said...

How could I have forgotten to say how good I thought it was, too? I guess I'm still a bit mesmorised. That song has always made me cry. It's a perfect sound track. What a world these kids are living in, though.....

Debi said...

Sue - yes, it's sad to see what these kids have as part of their landscape.

In a way I was pleased to see they've gone more upbeat this time round, even if it meant it wasn't as powerful.