Saturday, April 26, 2008

We're wheely lucky

Where would we be without friends?
Certainly not any place I'd like to be ...

I was really sad recently when good buddy N (who I've known for nearly 25 yrs through all our ups and downs) returned to Jamaica to live.
I'm so delighted for her, but it goes without saying that I miss her.
She's one of those wonderful people who's always there for you and she has a knack of sorting things out just at the point you thought they couldn't possibly be sorted.

When we came back from Cornwall last week, there was a message on the answer machine from her.
'Hi,' came her familiar tones. 'Only me. Just phoning to see how you are. I'll call again soon.'

And a couple of days later she did.
I told her the sorry tale of Helga's demise.
'We're selling our old Mondeo,' she said. 'It's outside N&D's place in Addington. P reg, MOT to Oct, tax to end of August. £150.'

So this morning we set off on 2 long bus rides.
And came back in our new car!!!


pierre l said...

Good for you!

Yodood said...

You spelling of efficiency with "fish" thrown in reminds me of something I just came across that seems just up your alley: George Bernard Shaw proposed spelling fish, g-h-o-t-i, from gh=f in laugh, o=i in women, and ti=sh in nation. I love it.

Unknown said...

I trust the new one is now named?

Debi said...

Thanks, Pierre.

G&G - that is indeed right up my alley! Wonderful!

Minx - not yet. Can you help?

Unknown said...

New car, new name? Er, Helga II ???

Anonymous said...

Her name should be Veronica.

Debi said...

Cailleach - she ain't no Helga I'm afraid.

Leslie - Veronica I quite like. I'll put it to the vote ...

Unknown said...

Oke, after Okehampton, Helga's last resting place!

Debi said...

Too late Minx. Anyway, it would have been Ex after Exeter, which though appropriate, doesn't have quite such a good ring.

You'll be meeting Veronica soon!