Saturday, January 19, 2008

My son's a vid kid

First Born has been involved with a film project at his school, run by Cineclub.

He stayed late every evening for several weeks, working on the edit with his friend (FB chose not to act in the film himself).

The end result was a short film created by a small group of children with minimal adult input, called Retribution at School on the theme of Tell Someone.

It's a cautionary tale of what can happen to a child who is being bullied and who, instead of seeking help by telling an adult, takes matters into his own hands, with tragic consequences.

It's being screened in Greenwich shortly, along with contributions from other schools in Southwark and Greenwich. The winning film will be shown at the National Film Theatre.

But you can see it right here!

Next stop Hollywood?


Unknown said...

Oh wow, a very powerful film. I think it has won already.

Can there be a better way of getting this message over?

Kath T said...

Could you pat FB and the team on the back for a powerful, clear picture of bulling.

It's very worring in this age of awareness of how bulling goes on and the often tragic effects it has on peoples lives.

Debi said...

Pats on backs will definitely be administered.

I think it's sad that this generation has knives and guns as part of their landscape, but given the reality, I reckon FB & co have done a great job.

Now ... what do I wear for the launch ...?

Meloney Lemon said...

Joseph Tarrantino - We admire your casting and yor camera angles. Very professional. Hope to get an invite to the NFT.

Emma and Archie X

Marie said...

Really powerful and sad. They've done a great job.