Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trash to Cash

If you're in the Kent area on Saturday 19th January and you ...

a) would like to buy something different and special
b) would like to contribute to a worthy cause
and c) would like to possibly appear on tv ...

I have just the event for you.

The Friends of Phoenix School are holding a Trash to Cash Sale and the tv cameras will be rolling for a forthcoming BBC programme about charities.
(No link as the programme is being pre-recorded.)

If you would like to attend, email, the Chair of Friends of Phoenix, who is hosting the sale at her home.

BTW - don't be misled by that word 'trash'.
This is no ordinary rummage sale.
I'm reliably informed that included in the diverse array of goodies on offer are signed copies of Harry Potter books as well as a 6'tall Garfield ...

Update: You could also call the researcher, Molly Gilbert 0207 836 8595, for further details.

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