Friday, February 01, 2008

Booky Bits in the Sky

I've been contacted by the lovely people at Artswom.
(You may remember them from when I made Hay last year.)

They started off by earning their place in my affections for ever by being very complimentary about FB & Co's film.
(Praise from an arts organisation of their standing is praise indeed.)

They've also asked me to pass on some booky bits that I'm sure will be of interest.
Click here for a post about Sky Arts' Book Show, where guests are asked to choose one book they wish they had written themselves.
Each book is being put in a prize pot for one lucky viewer to win at the end of the series in April.

Artswom have also come up with their own initiative.
They're inviting bloggers to share their recommendations for the last book to read before the end of the world.

Admittedly, this is something of a morbid topic, but when the end comes and this fragile orb finally cracks, it may be too late to panic buy, too inappropriate to copulate, and just too ironic to pray – so what else is there to do other than settle down and read a quality novel.

Click here for details.

(Note to self: This is fun. Try to find time for thinking about this ...)

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