Monday, September 25, 2006

Mystery Women

Mystery Women was set up in 1997, dedicated to the enjoyment and promotion of crime fiction. They produce a quarterly newsletter packed with reviews, interviews, articles etc and also hold events.

They are looking for new members. Subs cost £18pa for UK members and £25pa overseas. You can sign up via their website.

I am continually amazed and grateful for the existence of individuals and organisations such as Mystery Women. Like the websites and blogs It's a Crime and Eurocrime, they do an amazing job of supporting and publicising the work of writers in this genre, especially those at the struggling end of the market.

They do this as a labour of love, not for any personal gain. As someone who has linked and been reviewed by them, I'm extremely grateful for their selfless input.


Anonymous said...

There is nowhere else where reader and writer can interact on such an intimate level - the internet provides sustenance for all!
Over the time that I have been blogging I have added to my list of like minded readers/writers. I could not have done this so easily without the aid of bloggers like Maxine and Frank Wilson who dedicate themselves to linkage.
I marvel every day that this was all going on in the ether and I never knew!!

Caroline said...

I feel a bit out of my depth. There is so much that I don't know about writing and blogging. I am being educated and I keep coming back.
I found the link on my blog that told me who linked me and I was really touched. There are some really fab bloggers out there and posts like this one, keep directing me to nice people. So blogging is kind of like an 'internet introducing nice/different people service.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "higlighted" link, Debi. I second Minx's comments about Maxine (Petrona) and Frank Wilson (Books Inq). Both are excellent online/blogging networkers, who always manage to find loads of somethings posted that I would have missed without them! A heads up and thumbs up!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks from me too for the link. I'm a newbie blogger but I'm hooked and spend ages reading everyone's blogs - to the detriment of book reading!

Anonymous said...

Just visited their site and they're doing 'something' (it didn't explain what) in Ottakers in Nantwich some time during October (didn't say when, either). Bum that I'll be down t'other end of the country.

I won't be joining. I can't afford to join everything but I do appreciate that they do a good job.

Caroline. You're so right about what the Internet does. And to think people still say it's just full of creeps!

Debi said...

I lay in bed last night and berated myself for not mentioning Maxine and Frank in that post. Very remiss of me considering the amazing resources they provide and their generosity in sharing. Thanks, Minx, for pointing out the omission.

I'm grovelling here, M & F ... Forgive me?

Marie said...

I agree with Minx. The internet is amazing. I didn't know any writers until I got online, and if I didn't start my blog I wouldn't have 'met' all you lovely people!