Monday, September 18, 2006

Getting a grip

Next weekend is our New Year. It’s a very different kettle of chop fish balls from the celebrations associated with 31st December.

We don’t get pissed, have parties, countdown the seconds … Instead it’s a time for spiritual reflection and being with the family. We also don’t have new year resolutions as such, though we do take stock and look back at what the previous year brought us and forward to the directions we’d like to move in. At least I do, but then my interpretation has always been a bit unique and personal …

So, here are some of my thoughts for the coming year:

• I will continue to blog most days …
• … but for a maximum of 2 hours per day – this includes posting, surfing, commenting and playing with my site meter.
• I won’t return to the blogosphere twice in the same day.
• If I can’t get on pooter but have a post in mind, I’ll write it in longhand and transcribe later.
• I will concentrate on my writing every day, although this may not always be in the form of words on the page.
• I won’t beat myself up if the word count isn’t going up as rapidly as previously. I will accept the blogging has to take time …
• I will continue to respond to personal emails as soon as I read them.
• I’ll try not to feel irritated or rejected when other people don’t respond as quickly.
• I will update ALL my anti-virus legions weekly.
• I will run regular scans.
• My children will be my number one priority. They always have been, but by this I mean that I’ll come off the blog on the occasions they want/need me but are only able to get a teensy fraction of my attention. (Not sure if this is achievable.)
• I’ll try to do positive visualisation without panicking along the lines of …’But if it doesn’t work, I’ll be crushed,’ aware that such fears inevitably negate the process.
• I’ll try not to be such an insufferable ratbag in the mornings.
• I’ll really really try not to lose my rag over First Born’s reluctance to do his homework.
• Ditto re the above over G overfilling the kettle, washing up under running water or using the car to go down the road.
• I’ll try to be honest and true to my beliefs – which means I definitely won’t be achieving the previous intention cos I’m RIGHT dammit!

So that’s it. I’ll let you know this time next year how I got on …


Anonymous said...

Is there a particular reason you've chosen this weekend as your new year? I generally do this kind of thing on my birthday. When the kids were younger, we'd all gather and talk about what we'd learned during the year, what had been great, etc. As they've grown older, they've kind of not bothered so much. I don't push it because I'm guessing it'll come back when they're adults. Lise, who you've met, has already started showing an interest in this kind of thing again. LM will follow, I'm sure.

Btw. Have you been to the pie place since the pub?

Unknown said...

Not planning on being a bit hard on yourself then are you?

Would that New Year contained some of the spiritual fundamental of Rosh Hashanah - might do lots of us more good than just making resolutions we don't keep.

Caroline said...

You are my kind of woman.
I hope that you keep us updated on yor projects.
Gary and I do something similar on New Year's Eve - I even have a special book to write it all in (!).

It may be useful to think beyond the thought and consider how you're going to manage them. How you'll actually make them happen.

But. I love them and I could do with adopting the majority myself.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I spotted the Jewish New Year in my diary today. (I actually turned the page and inserted the bookmark on the current week: a rare occurrence for me!)
Have a good one, Debi and family!
May you all have a good forthcoming year that leads to more of the same.

Debi said...

Thanks, guys, but afraid I've blown it already - spent 2.5 hrs on the blog yesterday and threw a huge shrieking hissy fit on the homework issue. Then FB woke me at hideous hour this morning to complain about ... his homework, so no progress on morning ratbag front either ...
I could say it's the last knockings of the old year, but since I'm trying to be honest ...

Marie said...

Happy New Year Debi, and good luck with your thoughts/plans!

Anonymous said...

Nobody's perfect, babe. Just keep trying, that's all you can do :-)

The Divine Mr. M said...

Wow you only broke two rules. I usually break 5 in an hour. Mine tend to be new day rules. I wish i had that kind of staying power.

Writing them down is a great idea though. I usually make mine after a few glasses of wine and can never remember them ten minutes later.

Anonymous said...

Sound like a good set to me - in fact most of them I could do with making myself.