Thursday, December 18, 2008

We interrupt this transmission to announce ...

... that just because you've finally found the means to face the past, doesn't mean the present will sit back and give you the space to deal with it.

FB was knocked off his bike on his way into school yesterday.
Cue one badly broken arm, one operation to reset the bones, 11 grueling hours in hospital and 6 weeks in plaster.



Anonymous said...

Ow! Ow! Ow!
Well, that's just crappie.

Debi said...

Yes. Crappie indeedie. And even crappier is the realisation that if FB had been a car, there would be compensation and a set procedure re exchange of details etc.

Now, even though the driver was very upset and promised FB a new bike at the time, the police won't give us his details under the bleedin' soddin' Data Protection Act.

Crappie bollocks.

Unknown said...

Bugger! And you were just beginning to hit your stride - I only got to catch up today.

Hope he's feeling less tender in a day or too.

At least the driver showed remorse for the accident. Take good care, D.

Sue Guiney said...

Oh no. How awful for him, and you. I hope you are all back to "normal" soon. Maybe he needs and extra gift for the holiday?

Anonymous said...

Crappie bollocks...isn't that fish fertilizer?
It isn't?
Kidding aside, am I to understand that even though FB was seriously injured, you can't sue the guy for damages to his person?
I guess in Merika, because we don't have the same type healthcare system, we have to 'sue' for hospital costs if the offending party doesn't make good.

And my verification word is splappar.
That's what I say! Splappar!

Elizabeth Baines said...

Oh, ouch. Hope he mends soon.

pierre l said...

Very sorry to read that. Poor FB. The Data Protection Act appears to be misunderstood and mis-used. It might be worth talking to CAB or a solicitor about this (seeing that it was an injury accident).

Anonymous said...

So sorry about this Debi. I also think you should contact CAB or take some other legal advice. Through the man's fault an injury was caused. FB is entitled to compensation. If the police cannot give you the details, they should approach the man themselves and initiate liaison between you.
Good luck
Joan x

Debi said...

Right. I'm furious. Mama lion has woken from her slumbers. G's picked up the bike and it's badly damaged.

As well as FB's pain and shock, we've lost 3 layers of clothes that had to be cut through, G lost a day's wages and there's the extensive damage to the bike (bought for his birthday in May). And that's before we get to the man's offer at the time to buy a new bike.

The police attitude is that it's an accident and no one's culpable. But this man clipped FB's back wheel as he went round a roundabout. How can that not be his fault?

Unknown said...

Sending love, love, love and more love to heal the wounds.

Surely the police can contact this man and tell him that FB really would like a new bike - the least they can do. It really is so unfair but I am sort of glad that FB just got away with a broken arm!

Debi said...

Things have moved on, Minx. Mama lion is ensuring that!

But 'sort of glad' is right. Given the acrobatic double somersault that FB did over his handlebars, we are indeed giving thanks his injuries were no worse.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Go, Mama Lion, I can hear you roar. Much sympathy to FB, he's had quite a stressful year one way and another (and so, of course, have you and G). And, what Minx said. Cycling in London is no joke, I know, I did it for years.