Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Revo Blog. Part 3a

A couple of friends whose opinions I trust have told me they're concerned that my use of the abbreviation 'Revo' might be sending out the wrong signals. Since I'm very anxious this should not be the case, I thought I should explain.

While in official circles and on printed information the period was always referred to in Grenada as 'the revolution', on the streets and in conversation it was colloquially referred to as 'the Revo'. For me, this implied affection and ownership: there had been other revolutions in other places, but what was happening in Grenada was unique. It belonged to them. It was their Revo.

For this reason I chose to use the abbreviation in these posts. I would be appalled to think that anyone who didn't know the context, might think that my decision to refer in that way to what happened between 13 March 1979 and 19 October 1983 implied I was trivialising or belittling the Grenadian revolution.

I hope that it is clear to anyone and everyone reading this series of posts that my respect, admiration and genuine awe for what the Grenadian people achieved in that time against all the odds know no bounds.

I was - and still am - humbled by what I witnessed.

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Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Makes sense to me.

Unknown said...

thanks for the explanation, I had wondered, though I'd thought the way you referred to it was very much the way an insider would.

Wishing you love and light over the holidays, Debi.

Debi said...

Thanks, both. That's the good thing about doing this as a blog rather than a book. You can get feedback as you go along and respond accordingly.

Saaleha said...

the ink flows, the story grows, and with it, comes a lightening of your heart, I hope. All the best for the new year Debi.