Monday, September 15, 2008

Greek geeks and blogging demi-gods

That Prometheus, eh? What is he like ...?

He only goes and nicks some fire and gives it to humans, thereby ensuring our very existence.
And what thanks does he get, eh?
Well, how would you like to have your liver pecked out by birds on a daily basis?

I know what you're thinking ...
You're thinking, 'What is she on about? Again ...'

So I'll tell you.
Rich is a long-standing member of my writers' group.
He's a talented writer, has bags of style, counts art and music among his many talents and is a loyal friend.

He also happens to have haemophilia.
Oh - and Hepatitis C from contaminated blood.
He's about to embark on a course of Interferon in order to attempt to halt the damage to his liver.

Now, while most people would be wallowing in self pity at this stage, that's a road Rich has always refused to travel.
Instead, he's come up with a way to use the experience in a constructive way.

This is what he says:

I decided to utilise the experience for a novel. After much thought, the myth of Prometheus on the rock came to me.
The Hepatitis C virus attacks the liver causing scarring (cirrhosis) eventually leading to cancer. It has all the effects of being an alcoholic without any of the fun. The image of Prometheus having his liver pecked at every day seemed resonant with possibilities.

He's also started a blog, Rich4Thought, to record the progress with both the medical treatment and his literary response to it.

Please pop over and take a look and join me in welcoming this valuable new member of the blogosphere.


Unknown said...

Nice post, and I'm off to look :)

Unknown said...

Just taken a look - a powerful journey unfolding there.

And btw, there's something for you at my place :-)

Sharon J said...

Good on him! Wallowing never helps anything.

Debi said...

Babs - you're such a stalwart.

Ab Van - indeed it is - and thanks for the cuppa award.

Sharon - well, you'd know, wouldn't you ...

Rich said...

Thanks to everyone with their kind thoughts. I hope I can live up your build up Debi. First couple of days treatment seem to have gone okay, but I will be better placed by the end of the week to judge. As for Prometheus, I never knew what my idea would get me into. (Nothing new there I hear you say) Still its been useful to have something to ponder when I'm not feeling too good.

Debi said...

You have the support of the blogosphere now, Rich. Hope it helps. xxx

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