Monday, March 03, 2008

Back seat blogging

Big changes are afoot and they're going to impact on my blogging for the next few months.

We're now 14 weeks away from First Born's barmitzvah (which I mentioned in passing here).

We're utterly overwhelmed with the amount that needs to be done - mostly by li'l ole me.

Poor FB has to learn his huge portion to read in Hebrew - particularly challenging for a kid with dyslexia.
Little Guy also has to learn a significant portion.

And I have to:
  • teach them both
  • design and send invitations
  • organise the procedures for the service
  • organise the party venue
  • shop
  • do all the catering
  • juggle lists
  • panic
G's main function is to do the driving including the part where he drives me up the wall and round the bend.
This is actually valuable as it's a sort of pressure cooker role - enabling me to freak out occasionally and let off steam.

The point is that I'm going to have to drop some of my other commitments for a bit.
Obviously dad remains a top priority.
Homework will still need to be done.
And I'm working extremely hard on freelance editing, which is essential.

But many other things - including this blog I'm afraid - are going to have to take a back seat until mid-June.
I'll still post here and let you know what's happening, but with regret my visits to other people's blogs are going to be rare.
And please please please don't tag me for memes etc!

Hope you understand!
If there's anything you think I might miss but really should know about, please leave a comment here or email me.


Unknown said...

You're the sort of woman who is very, very capable indeed. I know that these are challenges that you will look back on and say, 'I helped do that'

Much better than paying someone else to do it - and more about the idea of family, that I know.

I can't wait to hear how it goes, between now and then :)

Yvonne said...

Best of luck with everything Debi, I'm sure it will all be worth it at the end!

Anonymous said...

It'll all be great Debi, with you at the wheel. If people offer to help, take it. Remember at the end of the day you're human, and nothing ever goes wrong - just slightly different from plan. All the best and hope it's very special for you and the family.

Sue Guiney said...

Wow, I certainly know how you feel. I threw 2 bar mitzvahs myself. It is overwhelming. But I know it will be great on the day (and even better when it's done! :) ) Best of luck, and congrats to the little man. xo

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Sometimes something has to give. And blogging is optional, however much our readers might like us to view it as compulsory! Looking after family members, looking after yourself, and earning a living are essential. So you've got your priorities right. And we'll all still be here whenever you do want to dip a toe back in. Hope everything goes well for you over the next few months.

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov!
Can you get the Hebrew on tape? My dyslexic learned very well via audio tape.
Don't worry about the panic part...that will come naturally :)
We will miss you.

Sharon J said...

Rather you than me, but then better you than me because I'm absolutely hopeless at arranging big events. I'm just grateful my girls chose not to be confirmed! (Was there a little tidsy bit of thought manipulation going on from my side? No, no, no... as if I'd do such a thing!)

Good luck. And I love what Kath wrote... it's true, plans do just change a little, that's all :)

Debi said...

You're all wonderful! Only trouble is you've given me an indication of what I'll be missing over the next 3 mths ...

Cailleach - paying isn't an option, but thinking it's more satisfying this way is positive.

Thanks, Yvonne.

Kath - you're 100% right - that's what we used to say to people when we were doing wedding photography.

Sueg - welcome and wow! You know what this time is like then ...

Zinnia - wisdom and balance as ever.

Leslie - another wow greeting another connection! We have the audio tape to help with the tune.

Sharon - I don't believe there's anything you're hopeless at - except being hopeless at being hopeless ...

Unknown said...

No wonder you've geared up to a panic!!! You should have said! And not said "yes". So now I've taken one decision for you and am saying "no" on your behalf! ;-)

Good luck, or mazeltov, with everything, Debi, hope it all goes really well and that you don't go round too many bends!

And don't worry, we'll all still be hanging around when you're able to post again.

Take care, see.

Debi said...

Ab Van - bless!

Liz Ditz said...

Hi Debi, ran across your blog from a google alert (dyslexia) and thought -- did you know that the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) has a group focussed on "diverse learners"? They might have some resources to help with the Hebrew mastery. Link:

and of course, best wishes to you.

Debi said...

Welcome, Liz, and thanks so much for the link and good wishes.