Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What do you REALLY want?

A friend just told me about someone he knows who was offered - not one, but TWO - music deals at £100,000 each.
That's a lot of £££ by anyone's standards.

The problem was that the company faffed and farted and the end result was that no record was ever produced.

So - translating this to the publishing world, my question is this:
Given the luxury of a choice between a large advance but no book actually produced in the end
... or a far smaller advance but a Real Book ...
Which would you choose?

Obviously the answer would depend on your finances at the starting point.
If you're struggling to put food on the table, you may well feel unable to turn down the money.
But even if that was the case, where would your ideal preference lie?

If you're honest, your answer will speaks volumes (!) about how you feel about your writing.


Unknown said...

Can't I just be like Winnie the Pooh and say "both"?

There some things for you over at my place.

Yvonne said...

To be honest I'd like a Real Book please. If I was in this for the money I'd go back to being an IT consultant!

Unknown said...

I'd definitely be in the real book category. Having been around a while, I know that there always has to be a catch with those so-called big deals. Nice if it would work out, but I'm realistic :)

Merc said...

Real book. But who knows, that could lead to munney.

Unknown said...

If you are in it for the money then it's best to stop now, unless you are one of those very, very lucky gits whose manuscript didn't slide down behind the radiator.

Debi said...

Yep - anyone who only writes because they think it will make them rich is deluding themselves big time.

I think the responses here (which are mine too of course) would seem insane to anyone who doesn't have the compulsion to write.

And in the end, this would be a hideous situation to be in. Could I really choose to put having my books published before the needs of my children?

Just as well we're never likely to find ourselves in this dilemma!

Anonymous said...

hiya debi,Hard choice ! and my circumstances,would change with the money,theres no doubt about that,but to given something,in this case money,and end result nothing concrete comes off it,and to be given less,but with a sort of job satisfaction,i personnaly would go for less,Why..thats he person i am..
regards homelesschicken

S. Kearney said...

Yep, no advance but real book. And that really is the honest answer! :-)

Storm Safety Blog said...

Because one publisher didn't come through doesn't mean you will stop writing. I would take the money, but be sure the contract didn't keep me from producing other work, and I would certainly want to put a time limit on any exclusive rights.

Debi said...

Welcome, Auriette. Wise words indeed. I'm now wondering why I didn't think of that!