Thursday, November 22, 2007

Raise your voices loud on this one

While we're on about People Power, please take the time to check this site.

The appalling manner in which this government treats refugees - the most vulnerable members of our society - is a subject I've returned to many times.
A post I published in March is still receiving comments.

Meltem Avcil is a 14 year old Kurdish child is desperate need of our support.

The Home Office have now canceled plans to remove 14year old Meltem Avcil and her mother by private plane this morning (NB THIS IS TODAY!) according to the Avcils' lawyers. The costs of deporting the Avcils by plane is believed to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

A high profile campaign to prevent the deportation appears to have won the family some time while the family’s lawyers submit further representations. However, plans appear to be being made to resume removal directions which were previously abandoned on Thursday 15 November 2007. No date has been set for the removal of the family.

Meltem Avcil and her mother were removed from Yarlswood and admitted to Bedford Hospital yesterday, after concerns were raised about her mental state by doctors from Medical Justice. Both remain under close guard despite never having absconded since they arrived in the UK. Meltem’s medical assessment by Medical Justice doctors highlights the psychological trauma she has suffered in Yarlswood detention centre for the past three months.

So do you feel okay about what's happening to this child?
Because it's being done in your name!

Write directly to Prime Minister Gordon Brown to protest at the removal of Meltem Avcil. Email
Write also to the Home Secretary .

Please copy your mail to: and (email for Sir Al Aynsley-Green, children’s commissioner)

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