Monday, October 22, 2007

Debi and her Dad. Part 5

For some time dad's been complaining of pain in the sole of his foot.
A trip to the chiropodist a few weeks ago helped but didn't provide the miracle cure I'd hoped for.

So when I went with him to the doctor's today for a flu jab, I took my opportunity.
(Remember this is the crap GP practice I've mentioned before.)

Me: While you're in with dad, would you mind taking a quick look at his foot please? He says it's really sore and it was actually very hard for him to walk here at all.

Nurse: Oh no, that won't be possible. I'm very busy doing the flu jabs. You'll need to make another appointment.

Me: (through gritted teeth) Yes I understand, but as I said, he found it very difficult to get here at all and it is very sore and since we're here I'd be very grateful if you could just have a look please ...

Later ...

Nurse: I've given him his flu jab and then I realised his Vit B12 jab was due too so I gave him that as well. I've put a padded dressing on his foot and moisturised his foot and legs. You should change the dressing in 3 days - here are some spares.

So there you go.
As dad always says, if you don't ask, you don't get.

UPDATE: I replied to the GP's email I told you about here by asking who I should contact and what was the best method ie phone, email, letter, visit etc.
That was nearly 2 wks ago.
I've yet to receive a reply.


Unknown said...

Ask and you shall receive (even if it be a "no") don't ask and you get nothing at all.
So glad the nurse looked after your dad, even if you had to grit your teeth.

Unknown said...

Maybe you should try a ouija board to communicate with the GP.

Debi said...

Ab Van - too true.

V - doesn't that mean I'd have to kill 'em first? Ha!

Meloney Lemon said...

I've been hearing stories like this from so many sources - be it social services or hospital/GP. I suppose that we are following, gradually the American system of no real care unless we pay for it.
We've seen that NHS dentistry is being phased out. People resorting to pulling out their own teeth etc.
Guess it's the slippery slope.....

I do think it's worthwhile documenting the dismal, frustrating experiences you've encountered. Perhaps we could do a global comparison via the blogosphere. Might do one over at mine.

S. Kearney said...

Thank goodness you are there to grit your teeth and get things done for your dad.

Unknown said...

I think this might be turning into Dad's Army - perhaps we should all flood the surgery with mails.