Thursday, October 11, 2007

Debi and her Dad. Part 4

The prescription debacle.

When dad was discharged from hospital back in July, I had terrible trouble getting the GP's prescriptions to tally with the meds listed on his discharge summary.
So much trouble, in fact, I could start a whole blog just dedicated to this one issue.

I mean, how hard can it be???

Before we went away in the summer, I contacted the GP again.
An agreement had been reached whereby 6 full sets of repeat prescriptions would be lodged with the chemist. That way I would only have to pop there to collect them as necessary, instead of putting in requests to the surgery, waiting 48hrs, picking them up and taking them to the chemist etc etc ...

This was the last communication I had from the GP back in July:
I do not know why the chemist has no record of Aspirin & Ramipril 5mg, they are both on the repeat list and were given on 29/7, I do not know where the spironolactone 50mg came from but had already changed it to 25mg last week, so as far as I am concerned the chemist already has a full & accurate list.

So yesterday, foolishly confident, I went to the chemist to pick up some essential pills that dad was nearly out of.
(I know, I know - I should have gone earlier ...)
Guess what. You've guessed it wasn't going to be straightforward, haven't you? But did you think it would be this hard?

There were 9 items on the repeat prescriptions the chemist had on file.
3 were for things that are non-essential and that dad doesn't take.
1 was for an item that his consultant and I felt might be contributing to dad's dizzy spells and so had been removed.
5 items - the most essential ones - were missing entirely!

So ... I had to put in the prescription request at the surgery but the likelihood is that I won't be able to pick it up and take it to the chemist before Monday, by which time dad will have spent at least 2 days without some of these vital meds.

I then wrote a long email last night to the GP explaining the anomalies and asking for her to ensure the chemist has a full set of accurate prescriptions.
I was nice.
It cost me.
But I was nice.

This was her reply in full:
I will pass this on, but should tell you it is not safe to rely on emailing me, I work part time, and no one else will see your messages


Unknown said...

Oh yegods, Debi, I'd be kicking down houses by now. But you see, you wrote a nice email and you were polite and patient because you are nice (no matter how much you hiss and spit about it).

Debi said...

No, Ab Van.

I wasn't nice because I AM nice. I was insincerely-through-gritted-teeth nice cos I'm scared they'll take it out on dad when I'm not there if I say what I really want to!

Unknown said...

yeah, I know that nice too. It's the worst kind of nice because it's not nice.

Unknown said...

Oh bugger Debi. You must be ready to send the hit squad to that quack by now. Aaah! I'm screaming for you.