Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Heads up!
Today is important.
It's Blog Action Day.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

All around our beleaguered planet, thousands of people are blogging today about the environment.

Go here to see Absolute Vanilla's passionate call to arms around housing developments.
Go here to see a post about plastic.
And here to see one about butterflies.
Here's one about recycling.
This is the list of 4 officially supported charities for the day.

Thousand of blogs.
Millions of readers.

What's your excuse for not getting involved?


Unknown said...

Great list of links, Debi. And thanks for the link too.
What staggered me when I sat down to think about this was the sheer number of issues and challenges facing the environment - I could blog about this for a week and then some.
It's so great to see so many getting involved because everyone brings a unique perspective and I've yet to read any two issues that are the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debi! Here's my little green contribution!!!

Debi said...

Too true, Ab Van. We all do what we can ...

Hi and welcome, Dave. Your contribution is green but not little.