Wednesday, October 10, 2007

He's done it!

Following people's blogs over the last (nearly) 2 years is the same as accompanying friends on their journeys through life.

You stand at their virtual side as they climb mountains, occasionally slide down scree slopes on their arses and trek across flat, featureless plains, never knowing whether they will ever ARRIVE.

Well, Pundy HAS arrived.

His book, A Half Life of One, is no longer virtual.
We will be able to hold it in our hands, stroke the cover, sniff the pages.

So glad to have been by your side for part of your journey, Bill ...


pundy said...

Debi, what can I say. Thank you so much for the kind support and help over the last couple of years.

Once I get over the virtual hangover (which seems remarkably like the earthbound one)I'll emerge from my darkened room and give you a more public vote of thanks.

Debi said...

No thanks necessary, Pund. I would have done more, y'know.

Can't wait to hold The Book - I will wipe my sweaty palms before opening it.

Unknown said...

Enjoy this hangover, Pund, it means something.