Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another (de)fine mess ...

I was going to write a post about Authonomy, the new website from Harper Collins, where unpublished authors can post their WIP and get feedback (and more) while the publisher gets the benefit of having the online community sift through its slushpile to reveal any hidden gems.

But then I got distracted by the name 'Authonomy'.
's good, innit?
So I've come up with some new definitions of my own.
Please feel free to come up with any further suggestions.

Authorgraphic: a book containing both words and illustrations
Authogonal: as above but all the illustrations consist of only right angles
Authordocks: books that don't rock the boat
Authorities: literary experts
Authorisation: permission to write
Authormatic: when the words just flow
Authoritarians: bossy authors
Authornology: books about birds
Authorpaedic: includes books like The Lovely Bones, The Bone Garden and The Bone Collector
Authopteran: insects who write
Authordontists: writers of books you can get your teeth into
Authoptics: the study of writing books that have to be seen to be believed


Unknown said...

Love it! Your wit is great Debi :)

Debi said...

Having great wit has to be better than being a grey twit, Babs ...

Rich said...

How about - Authopsy. Which is disecting a book to its bones!

Debi said...

Love it! (Trust you to be thinking about bones and visceral stuff!)

And I've thought of another too.
Authorknowledgy: erudite books about birds.

Argh! Stop me, someone! Please ...

Unknown said...

You are truly an authorentic awfur - as genuine as they come. I am in awe of your authorsome talent!

(see, I'm not dead)

Anonymous said...

Authorworldly = writing about ghosts and spirits and such

I am sure I will be good for at least one more.
Minx got to Authentic before I did.

Anonymous said...

Authoritea = light afternoon meal for literary experts

Anonymous said...

author askey - novels about vintage radio comics xxx

Unknown said...

What a brilliant list!

I do hope you're going to still post about Authonomy - I have some serious questions (and doubts) about it.

Authingdom - the land where writers live.

Authologists - writers who dissect every word

Authsurance - writers who guarantee their written words

Debi said...

King Author - books about Round Tables

Oooohyouareauthor - books about vintage tv comics

Debi said...

Authorwritis - writer's cramp

Dante's Autherno - a classic

Anonymous said...

Authorsclerosis = hardening caused from years of rejection notices

Author Conan Doyle = an elementary, dear whotsis

(I think authorwritis is the pinnacle, Debi)

Debi said...

Authornasia - putting rejected writers out of their misery

Liane Spicer said...

Very, very clever!

Thank you for joining the launch party over on my blog, Debi! A bona fide celebrity guest indeed! :)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Authorpaedic would also include The Bone People.

Then there are:

Authordocs - writers of medical treatises

Authordox - writers of religious treatises

Authordoxies - writers (esp. female) who are no better than they ought to be

Authorclave - writer going through a sterile patch

Authorgenesis - God

(help, this is clearly very contagious...)

Debi said...

Some more authorly good contributions here!