Thursday, July 03, 2008

Let's all run away and join the circus!

There can't be many people who are not captivated by the magic of the circus.

I know I am which is why there's a scene set at a circus in Trading Tatiana.

While some still operate on the old model of plastic smiles and performing animals, others have the imagination to come up with a new twist on an old theme.

One such visionary is Sarah Salway, who is involved with a novel and exciting concept.
Welcome to ... (drum roll, please)

The Tiny Circus.

Click here to see how it works,
here to check out the blog and follow the story as it unfolds,
and here to get involved yourself via the wiki.

Fun, or what?

BTW - did you know that John Major is reputed to be the only person to have run away from the circus to join a bank?


Sarah Salway said...

Oh Debi, thanks for this. I should mention the real visionary behind it though, Carlos Ferguson - - as it is all his initiative. Wish you were coming too.

Sharon J said...

I designed a website for a certain famous circus once (many moons ago) and the bar-steward never paid!

Will check out this tiny circus. Looks interesting (although I'm one of the few who isn't overly enthralled by the circus).

Unknown said...

What a wonderful and creative idea!

Debi said...

Lovely to see you, Sharon. And sorry about the bar-steward. I'm interested to know what measures you took to get your £££.

Ab Van - 'tis, innit?

Unknown said...

Fantastic idea - I hope to check in regular and look!

Debi said...

Barbaras? What have you done with Cailleach? Oh - has she run away and joined the circus? I can just see her in a pair of spangly tights and a tutu ...

Sharon J said...

None, Debi. After several months of chopping and changing the bloody website design, he decided he didn't want it and that was that.

Debi said...

Outraged on your behalf, Sharon. Once the work has been done and the time spent, there really should be some financial recognition of that.

*spit, cuss*