Friday, July 25, 2008

Future imperfect

Is that a tense?
The concept makes me feel tense. Does that count?

I whinged about it here and moaned a bit more here.

But you just can't stop progress.

Because IT is here.


Sharon J said...

Hmm... I've been against these thing for a long time but I'm in two minds now (does that mean I have Dissociative Identity Disorder?).

On the one hand there are the trees, which I love, and on the other there's electronic screens, which I don't.

Couldn't we just have brain implants instead?

Debi said...

I have the same problem, Sharon. The logical extension is that one day you'll be able to take a pill that means you don't even need to read the damn book at all.

Brave new world? Count me out.