Friday, June 13, 2008

The Party in Pictures

Dear First Born,

After we left the synagogue, G took you home and you crashed straight into bed.

Meanwhile, a small posse of wonderful friends joined me at the school.
We all worked flat out for 3 hrs, shifting tables and chairs, making salads, chopping fruit and laying out the food and drink.
(I love, LOVE, LOVE my friends ...)

We dashed back home with just enough time to change.
You were still in bed, exhausted and unable to move.

G and I had to dress you lying down.

When we got to the school, G and I made a short attempt to do the hosting meet-and-greet thingy.

Here we are looking like Little and Large.

Then you called me and wanted me near you, so the mother role took over from the hostessy one.

You kept saying how ill you felt.
You ate nothing, but drank several glasses of iced lemonade.

Meanwhile, I'm delighted to say everyone else seemed to be feasting and having fun.

My Fab Dad and Gorgeous Goddaughter

When it came to the speeches I peeled myself away from your side.
The content of my speech was pretty much the same as the open letter I sent to you, though I can't be sure as I spoke off the top of my head and from the bottom of my heart.

We had 5 different groups of friends performing live slots - this party was always going to be different - and then we got to the dancing.
First LG was hoisted up onto a chair, then me and then I looked over at you.
'He can handle it,' I said.
And so you too were lifted up to celebrate your coming of age.

When it came to the really wild dancing I kept checking over at you.

I could see you were a little more animated, talking and laughing with your friends.

2 of your glamorous friends

Then G and I found ourselves in the centre of the whirling masses.
Suddenly the crowd parted and there you were coming towards us with a huge grin on your face.
Someone found LG and for a few precious moments the 4 of us danced together, circling with our arms round each other's shoulders, with frequent changes of direction so you didn't get too dizzy.
It sounds like a shmaltzy Hollywood moment written like this.
But it was Our Moment and it was Real.

I don't have the full set of photos yet, but these are some that the Minxmeister sent (more here).

And now life goes on.
Today LG left for a week's stay on a farm in Dartmoor and I miss him already.

It ain't easy being a parent, but that's not something you would know about yet.

So just enjoy this time now - as an adult in Jewish law, a teenager in English law, but always and for ever my baby.
And I make the law in this house as you well know!


Unknown said...

Grinning from ear to ear. Glad to read the second installment, glad that FB made it to the party and glad that you've instilled such values as old-fashioned love (amongst many!) in your family :)))

Unknown said...

Small Fecker is wondering what was in the punch and please can he have some more!!!

A wonderful day, Debi, and one that we won't forget in a hurry. Thank you.

Debi said...

Cailleach - can love ever go out of fashion?

So Little Fecker liked the very alcoholic punch, did he, Minx? Guess whose son he is ...

Unknown said...

I don't know what you mean, Ms Alper!

Anonymous said...

Wow Debi, it looked a terrific day and must have took some organising. Makes me feel exhausted looking and thinking about it, hope Greg and you have patted yourselfs on the back. Have you thought of organising as a side line? Come to think about it, how about offering yourself as an 'Organising Consultant' to the Government? Could be a nice little earner.

Jan said...

WHat memories you're making!

Unknown said...

I love that photo of your dad and goddaughter. Did you know they were engrossed in a game of who could flick the table confetti the furthest?

crimeficreader said...

Congrats all round!

I'm glad the day proved to be what it should have been, given all your hurdles! But then, having met you, darling Debi, I am not surprised at the constraints you have won over and achieved.

Let's not forget your own vigour in making this happen: a mum that is proud and a mum that is very definitely there.

Nice to see your Dad there too!

Have a good time relaxing in the afterglow. You deserve it!

Sharon J said...

I'm so glad everything went so well, Debi.

Isn't it wonderful that no matter what else we may lose in life, nobody can take our memories away.

Sharon x

Debi said...

You know, my lovely blogmates have really helped me through this. Even when I was away from here, I could feel your good will washing over me.

I've been felled by a streaming cold this last week, which is no surprise really. And it's still quite hard getting to sleep ... but I'm getting there.

Should just about have recovered in time for LG's barmitzvah in 2.5 yrs time!