Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amazonian bullies

Amazon have been abusing their power - big time.

See here for a Bookarazzi article describing their disgusting bullying tactics.
Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see what you can do to stand up to the bullies in the corporate playground.



Anonymous said...

My first thought in response is that it is a perfect place for a small company to step forward and offer similar services without the sharkbite.
I don't seek gallery representation for my artwork because over the years the % to the gallery has gone from a reasonable 25% to well over 60%.

pierre l said...

There are some excellent alternatives to Amazon at the end of that article. Also, if you start at Amazon and click on the buy new or used link, they still get a cut for referring you and handling the money.

Sharon J said...

No doubt the book buying world will become much like the grocery buying world eventually - dominated by a few at the expense of many.

I do use Amazon but much prefer to browse a proper book shop. My only problem is that Waterstones - the only book shop in town apart from W.H.Smith - refuses to order anything that isn't mainstream so I almost always end up heading back to Amazon. I shall definitely try alternative online booksellers, though.

Unknown said...

As an author, the worst place you can sell the book is Amazon. Their profit margin is horrendous and you couldn't buy a tin of value beans with what you get from them!

When will someone who really loves books, and not money, start up a company? Oh, there are some - they're the thin, starving ones huddled in the corner.