Monday, June 23, 2008

An easy way to make a small difference

If demonstrations, petitions etc are not your thing, there is an easy way to make a small difference.
You don't even have to look away from this screen.
A couple of clicks and someone somewhere gets a meal they otherwise wouldn't have had.

I've mentioned The Hunger Site and its sister sites before (check the tabs at the top of their page).
I automatically click in every time I log on.
It takes me a matter of seconds.

This month sees the 9th birthday of The Hunger Site.

Since June 1999, they have funded 573,000,000 cups of food!
Yep - that's not a typo - 573 MILLION cups of food ...

And all by people taking just a few seconds of their time to click on their site.


Tim Atkinson said...

Wow, I feel the need to make a link (I've done my click)!

Debi said...

Welcome and thanks, Dotty.

Lovely baby, BTW!