Monday, February 26, 2007

Some bloggy stuff

Finally had time to visit you all. So much amazing activity out there!

Here are just a few of the things that grabbed my attention - all specifically re blogging:

Check out the Life of Riley - at 107, she's (presumably) the world's oldest blogger. (Thanks to Lee for this.)

Meloney Lemon for integenerational blogging - her mama and papa have joined the blogosphere.

Kateblogs re whether bloggers should have editors (!)

Fiction Bitch on some traditional blog bashing.

Lost in Translation to what might happen to you if you were blogging in Egypt.

Rashenbo for a spot-on joke (not re blogging but couldn't resist)


Meloney Lemon said...

Re blogging in Egypt - see my post'Interesting Yet Unrelated facts'

Re life of Riley - that her 6 year old (was it great great great?) grandchild loved it is very interesting. Old people often seem to have an affinity with kids. Being at the beginning and end they understand one another.

Unknown said...

That's quite true, mel about Oldies and young uns!

Nice round up Debi - left off the tee this time... :/ Managed to control me trigger happy fingers

Caroline said...

Oh my oh my ... this post is full of temptation. I am trying to be good ... but ... but ...
Oh bugger it. Off to click.

Unknown said...

Cor, lots to go and look at! There goes the editing, again...

S. Kearney said...

and Debi, you? what are you working on now you can hear? we want some LOUD posts now!