Tuesday, October 05, 2021

I'm still here!

 Ah, my poor neglected blog. What a lot has happened in the world since I last posted in 2019. 

I'm breaking radio silence to announce some BIG news! I'm blown away to have been shortlisted by the RNA for their inaugural Indie Editor of the Year Award 2021. I know, right? I love what I do - who wouldn't? I spend all day (and quite a lot of my nights) working with wonderful authors on fabulous stories. That brings its own rewards and I never expected to be recognised in this way for doing the job I enjoy so much. It's as if a dream that I never knew that I had has come true. Here's the announcement in the Bookseller

I'll also get to go to the famous RNA awards party! For years, I've seen photos on social media and thought these events looked like such fun, never guessing that I would be there myself one day in this capacity. 

It's going to take some adjustment. Like many people, I'm not used to socialising after well over a year of keeping my head down and, in any case, I'm always more comfortable with the spotlight shining on someone else, having the satisfaction of having helped them to get there. I'm going to have words with myself though and own this. I like to think I'm proof that age is no barrier to success, nor do you need academic qualifications to know how stories work.


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