Monday, January 18, 2010

Eek mail woes

Damn and damn again.
It seems that once more I have annoyed the lords of the cyberverse, and they've decided to punish me by blocking my emails.

If you have recently emailed me at my debialper dot co address, I won't have received it.

Please try this one instead, replacing the words 'at' and 'dot' with the appropriate symbols:
debialper at talktalk dot net

Right, I'm off to sacrifice a goat or something to try to appease them.
Do you reckon a wood louse would do the trick?
Bit short on goats in our neck of the woods ...


Queenie said...

From my own experience, I don't reckon even goats cut the mustard. I've never managed to appease the gods of cyberspace, so I reckon it takes a first-born son at least (sorry, First Born!!).

Debi said...

I think this one's beyond his abilities too. I'm hoping it's one of those inexplicable glitches that will sort itself out. It had better do it pronto cos I'm getting anxious about what I might be missing!