Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Debi and her Dad. Part 14

Dad's lost 3 sticks.
Actually, that's not strictly accurate.
He's lost 3 sticks several times, but until recently either Big Bro or myself was able to track them down.

I think he takes one out with him, then when he's at the tills in the supermarket he leans the stick against the counter and walks off without it.
(You'd think someone would notice, wouldn't you ...?)
Sub-consciously he probably doesn't accept he really needs it.
OTOH, he knows he's frail and is really scared of falling again.

Anyway, in spite of labeling the last one with his address, that one too has now disappeared without trace.

I had a stick myself, dating back to when I had a series of operations on my knee 25 yrs ago, so I took that one round to him yesterday.
It felt very strange carrying it across London.
It didn't fit into my bag, so I alternated holding it in front of me like a banner with hanging it over my shoulder.
Even so, I found it hard not to limp.

I've taped another 'Please return to ...' label on it with his address and my mobile no and left it with him.

I kept it for 25 yrs.
What do you reckon is the likelihood of him hanging onto it for 25 days?


Sue Guiney said...

This whole stage of having to take care of our parents is so hard. I've been lucky -- my parents are both remarkably healthy. But my dad turns 80 next month and I can see the beginning of it all. But you sound wonderfully patient. I hope I can be....

Debi said...

Sue - dad was as fit as many people 20 yrs younger until he had a heart attack (while on holiday in Portugal!) when he was 90 - 3 yrs ago.

Caring for him isn't hard cos he's so lovely!