Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's just a phase I'm going through ...

He's a clever bloke, that John Baker.
Knowing he was going to be away for a large chunk of the summer, he devised a cunning plan to ensure his blog was regularly updated.

He asked a whole legion of authors a single question and their responses have formed the content of John's posts over the last few weeks.

I was flattered to be asked.
But there was a problem -
- I found the question itself really hard.

What phases are involved in the creation of a text?

Oo-er. Do what, squire?

If you're interested, you can see my fumbling attempts to analyse my literary processes here.


Unknown said...

Wow I can see why you were stumped, but, you handled it well, me thinks anyway.

Unknown said...

You did that rather well, I think Debi! Growing, nurturing - 'tis why so many writers are latent or fully 'into' gardeners, I think!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with your answers as far as I can see, Debi. One of the things I was digging for was an attempt to analyse the subconscious processes, and you tackled that as well as could have been expected.
You also spoke about the fear a writer has of over-analysing the process, something that many fiction writers would empathise with, but few would actually admit.