Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Number crunching

Over 1,000,000 - the number of books in print in the UK

200,000 - the number of new titles published each year

135,000 - the number of these considered suitable for bookshops

30,000 - stock held by the average branch of Waterstone's

200,000 - stock held by the largest branch of Waterstone's

500 - number of years of existing literature that must also be held in stock

1 in 10 - the chances a new book has of being displayed in a bookshop

(Figures from Danuta Kean's article, 'Chain-reaction', in the latest edition of The Author.)


Unknown said...

Thusly, thou needs to read this
Basically, publishers don't know what the hell sells anymore...

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

I was struck by those figures too, Debi, (struck is the right word!) when I read them in The Author. Sounds like we all have to start Doing It Ourselves, innit?

Saaleha said...

wow! how terribly inspirational. And when I was just starting to write again...

Anonymous said...

Chances of a POD (not vanity press!) book being in a bookshop:
(if you have influence)