Thursday, June 29, 2006

A(nother) plug for Etain

Do you remember this post I did about my friends' farm in Italy?

Well, the US publisher of Etain and Martin's books has tracked me down - ah the wonders of the web ...

He's asked me to pass on the info that you can get their books, A Silent Joy and Real Horsepower directly from him by emailing him at

He and his partner own a bookstore and a small publishing business and have just started a blog. Yippee and welcome! This was the message they sent:

to help celebrate Gulf of Maine Books' 27 year in business (with a Borders about to open in our town of Brunswick) we have created a blog for the store. We will list store news, book suggestions, news from the bookstore community and more. You can always post comments, suggestions, books reviews, whatever. We are hoping to extend the conversation of the bookstore into cyberspace. To begin this conversation, we are asking you to recommend 5 books, on any subject - choose a subject that you would like to share with us, and send your 5 titles. We hope that this will be one of many features of interest, to keep you checking out the site from time to time.
Gary and Beth

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