Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Going cold turkey ...

We're off to Italy tomorrow to stay with friends and I'll have no access to the internet for 10 whole days!
Please feed and water the blog for me if you get the chance.
Anyone know the origin of the phrase cold turkey?


Anonymous said...

may the muse go with you, enjoy

Maxine Clarke said...

Hope you manage without it. Let us know how it went (plus tips) when you are back, as I am planning to go away for a couple of weeks over the summer, and suspect I won't be able to blog while there.
When I went away over Easter at least I managed to read 3 books in the time I would have spent blogging, so could blog about those when I returned.
Have a lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Italy? Oh, lucky you! It's the one place in the world I really want to visit but haven't gotten around to yet. Maybe a weekend towards the end of the year.

I have to say you left the blog looking remarkably tidy so there won't much 'looking after' to do. I'll nip round with a duster and vacuum before you get back, though.

Unknown said...

Cold Turkey - disambiguation, apparently, although haven't got a clue why it is associated with the bumps of a goose. Neither has the Wikiwikiwhatnot!!

I don't do dusting, hoovering or plumping of blogs - get a blog sitter and pay the going rate!

I may, if time allows, write all over your blog just so that it doesn't feel lonely. Empty blogs, I've found, make quite nice places for a quiet chat away from the madding crowd!!

Unknown said...

Hope you are having a lovely time. The sun has finally made an appearance so I don't feel quite so green about your holiday.
You have missed too much for me to report so you're in for a lot of reading when you come back.
In essence:
Skint is holding a competition ( a fiver I ask you!), Sharon is still counting each and every word, I'm still talking rubbish and Maxine is holding it all together.
No change then really!

Anonymous said...

Hi debi, hope you're enjoying the chianti. I bought your book the other day - Nirvana Bites. Funny, I wasn't looking for it and I haven't bought a novel for ages, just happened to glance at a book display and there it was.

Only on page 40 so far and so far so good. It's very funny, would make a great comedy film imo. I'll write a review when I've finished.

Sharon J said...

Minx isn't quite right in what she says about my counting each and every word. I would do it, mind, but there aren't any words to count.

Just gonna flick the duster around here quickly. Amazing how much gathers in such a short time, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd say that I recently visited my doctor about getting off of morphine. I've tried myself but can't deal with the cold turkey. While I was there I asked if he knew where there term 'cold turkey' came from. He said it's because when the body doesn't get its expected dose of its dependent drug, it draws the blood to the internal organs leaving the skin with goosebumps that resembles a dead, plucked, "cold turkey". Does that help?

Debi said...

Yes - and it makes a lot of sense. Thanks, Sharon, and good luck with detoxing.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna need all the luck I can get. Everytime I try and cold turkey kicks in, it's too damned easy to just slap another morphine patch on because I know that'll take the pain away. But then that's the nature of addiction. The doc's suggested I take it very slowly, just moving down a little at a time and keeping the new dose going for a month before reducing another bit. He thinks it'll take the best part of a year to get off it. Argghhh! I hate being dependent on it but I think I have an addictive personality. I've been addicted to fags, coca cola, and was an alcoholic for a short while (but managed to shake myself out of that before it got too much of a hold on me).