Monday, March 28, 2011

York Talk 2011 - the thanks bit

Mega thanks go to:

  • Emma Darwin - for proving once again to be the perfect co-tutor for the mini course.  What a team!
  • all the agents, publishers and specialists who, in spite of everything, continue to demonstrate their passion for fabulous writing
  • the lovely peeps on the Blackwell's stall for selling our books
  • the other authors with whom I wish I could have spent more time
  • all the participants for trusting us with your babies and for all the words, words, words
  • the Word Clouders - what a wonderful, warm, funny and supportive community you (we) are
  • Laura, Deborah and Nikki from Writers' Workshop for the hard unglamorous slog wth none of the glory
  • Kate Allan for a mammoth organisational feat
  • Jeremy Guy - likewise and for the toothpaste
  • the staff at York for their friendly, helpful and efficient hosting
  • Susan Franklin, Lesley Eames and Sandra Norval for looking after the Book Doctors and agents and for the iron fists you wield from inside your velvet gloves
  • all of you for coming along for the ride, either in body or blog


Tania Hershman said...

What a bloody great set of blog posts, I just read them all, thanks so much for that! I'd have loved to have been there, will schmooze Harry about next year :) Get some sleep, girl... lots of free books to read!

Anonymous said...

And thanks to you, Debi, for a) great blogging (I never even got online) and b) being such a great co-leader of the mini-course. (and, vanity talking here, c) taking rare photo of me talking which doesn't make me look a complete idiot!)

Debi said...

Still not asleep, Tania. It would be great if you could come next year.

Emma - the blogging was fun. It's good to share.

Queenie said...

And thanks to you, hon, for blogging it all. Just read the lot - so wish I could have been there - maybe next year xxx

Debi said...

Ooooh, I hope so, Queenie. Truly, my cup would runneth over if you were there.

John T said...

I've just caught up with these, Debi. You've really caught the flavour of the festival. And, yes, that 'Breaking the Rules' workshop was an exceptional learning experience. Putting that together with Julie Cohen on Pacing has given me a shiny new set of tools. York last year was great fun, but this year was a priceless learning experience. Thank you.

Debi said...

Forward to York 2012, John. Reckon we'll have recovered by then?

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