Sunday, March 27, 2011

York Talk 2011 - oh but I also forgot ... the gala dinner

A chance to dress up in our glad rags and celebrate in style.  The poshest of nosh and the bestest of company.  What's not to love? 

The winners of the Festival competition were announced during the meal and once again it was clear just how much talent and potential there was in that room. With only my teensy evening bag, I found myself in the almost unique position of realising I didn't have pen and notebook to hand, so I didn't manage to record the shortlist.  (Though I couldn't possibly forget the well-deserved inclusion of the lovely John Taylor of Word Cloud renown).

Fortunately, the winner, Kelly Fisher, was sitting at my table.  Kelly won on the basis of having the most wonderful opening line to her novel and I asked her to jot it down on the back of a business card so that I could share it with you here:

I was wearing the wrong bra for sitting in a police cell.

Good, huh???

Sadly, the rest of the evening was a teensy bit of a blur.  Absolutely no connection whatsoever with gin and anyone suggesting otherwise will be facing a libel suit.


Mcallan said...

So you typed this with your left hand Debi?


Debi said...

No, Mcallan. My nose. My left hand is still busy massagibg my right.

Debi said...

And I blame that typo in my last comment on my nose - or better still, on you, Mcallan.

Unknown said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks...