Saturday, April 10, 2010

York Talk 2

OMG.  I can't believe I'm sitting here blogging at this time of the morning.
The York air is positively crackling with creative energy.

Back to last night.  Shelley Harris won the Authonomy Live session with her beautiful and evocative story set during the Silver Jubilee.  I have a photo of Shelley with her bottle of champers - haven't got round to uploading the pix yet.  Patience, my dear blogmates.

It took real guts to those who took  part in this session.  Can't be easy to stand up and read to an assembled throng of hundreds as well as a panel of experts.  Kudos to all.

I went to bed midnightish to read some late submissions.  And I don't suppose you'll be surprised to hear sleep was elusive.  So many brain cells jostling for space and bouncing off the walls of my skull.

I'm so not a morning person, yet there I was at breakfast at some ungodly hour, desperate for a cloak of invisibility until I get some caffeine.  No cloak.  Must remember to pack that next time. 

I keep meeting people.  Ah there's G - she came on one of my London courses.  And there's R - I've been editing his books for years and now have the face to fit to the name.  Oh look.  There's H from my writers' group.  And F, who I met at a London book launch ... 

I've sneaked out to write this post and there are all these people coming up to chat.  How is it possible to have approx 400 people all in one place and for them all to be so fab?  What are the odds against that?  I haven't met a single person who's been negative in any way.

Right.  Off now for Katie Fforde's keynote address.  Then my POV workshop.  Then ...

Well, catch up later.


Middle Ditch said...

My, you have been very busy with nice people to boot.

Queenie said...

Really glad it's so fab - and giggling at the thought of you having to be sociable over breakfast, even though I know you can!